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our vision

Our vision is to equip the most vulnerable areas by working through the local church leveraging energy savings, energy management & sustainable principals. Our aim is to impact the world through the eyes of a church facility manager, pastor & student. In 2015 we, the church, spent almost $10 billion on energy and maintenance of our facilities, yet $1 billion on missions. Imagine what we could do if we were able to equip missions through maintenance and energy savings, we could double or triple our missional giving. We believe the church can save 20% through no cost sustainability principles. In order to change the hands we must change the heart. We are currently partnering with the local church in the US, Nepal, India, Kenya, Myanmar & Congo DR.

Client Testimonies

"We learned a great deal from our energy audits...and through fairly simple measures, we've decreased our utility budget in just a short time!"


Director of Facilities, The Summit Church in NC

"They assessed 5 of our campuses. Two years later and our utlity bills are now 40% lower than when we began! We are so grateful for LIT Consulting's help!"


Pastor, Walnut Hill Community Church in CT

"Our electric bills are running 27% lower compared to last year thanks to LIT Consulting's audit."


Business Manager, St. Ignatius Catholic Church, Houston

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Energy Audits

Get a full energy audit today and learn how much money your ministry could be saving!


What existing equipment do you have?  Learn how to make minor adjustments  for a big difference!

Energy Purchasing

Let us help you procure your energy from start to finish.  We will help you get the most for your ministry!


We can help install solar systems with a quick 7 year payback, tax credit and more!

Energy Star

Energy Star and Portfolio Manager Certifications require PE stamps and energy audits of facilities.

Rebate Management

See what rebates and grants your non-profit could qualify for!

Behavior Programs

Implement easy programs in your ministry to help reduce energy bills!

Bill Analysis

Energy bills can be confusing!  We'll help you better understand how to manage your energy consumption.

Meter Consolidation

We can help you consolidate your meters for better efficiency and to help lower your bills.


Invite our team to come and help empower your administration to make smarter energy decisions.

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